The Innovative Director

in H.R. & Talent Development

Steve Jobs – “Marketing Manager”? No. “Strategic Planner”? Hardly. “Creative Director”? Not quite.

Steve Jobs – Brilliant marketer, strategist, and creative all rolled into one? Yes.

When considering his talents and asking ‘What was he?’, the answer is simple – Steve Jobs was an Innovative Director.

As is becoming increasingly apparent, if you can either add some data analysis savvy, genuine insight, business passion, or knowledge of human science and psychology to a “creative” you get something all the more relevant, powerful, and uber-creative. Especially if you can add each and every one of them!

The reality is that for a long time we’ve celebrated and worshipped the word of siloed “one-off” individually “creative” people, when really we can achieve more in naturally-constructed groups with all members gifted in and able contribute across all domains of creative, strategy, planning, and business direction.

You can choose to build it in to your structure or  not, but either way the Gen Ys will do it eventually of their own accord.

Divergent thinking now usurps old conventional “creative” thinking in terms of the needs of our environment – the same way that engaging education and engaging marketing  trumps age-old rote learning and lowest common denominator junk advertising respectively.

Steve Jobs was a new, hybrid producer of imaginative ideation, hard core product development and management, brand marketing, and the collation of concepts and people gathered in the name of assembling the best final deliverable – you could also go so far as to dub him a stand-alone “agency-on-legs” when it comes